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In 2000, we became the first Myeloma Support group in Western Canada, based out of Victoria, BC. Then information and awareness about myeloma was scarce. Out of a real need we came together to help newly diagnosed patients and people living with this disease who want to know more.

Newly diagnosed people deal with profound emotions when told they have a serious cancer. At a time when sick, sad and confused understanding a complex condition that includes a whole new language of medical terms is a colossal struggle. Help to sort through this maze was needed then and is available now for the person with myeloma and for those who love them and are on the same journey.

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The group meets every second Monday of each month at:

Yakimovich Wellness Centre (adjacent to the Aberdeen Hospital)
1454 Hillside Avenue
Victoria, BC, V8T 2B7
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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